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.Did you get my message?

Do you ever wonder what happened to the words that we send?

21 December 1988
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Make me feel like I'm home again
20 years old. Public Relations student. looking for a job. addicted to music, because every life has it's soundtrack. Addicted to books, cause there would be no soundtrack without a good story. Addicted to movies, cause that's where the good stories meet the good soundtrack, that's where it comes alive.
Make me feel like i'm Fun again

Music isn't a hobby or a passion, is a lifestyle, once your radio's turned on, there's no way back: ACDC. Adele. Alanis. Augustana. BEATLES. Belle & Sebastian. Billie Holiday. Bethany Joy Lenz. Blink 182. Bloc Party. Blondie. Blue Oyster Cult. Boston. Carpenters. Clash. Coldplay. Corinne Bailey Rae. Cranberries. CURE. Daft Punk. Dave Matthews Band. DAVID BOWIE. Death Cab For Cutie. Def Leppard. Earth, Wind & Fire. ERIC CLAPTON. Estelle. FEIST. FOO FIGHTERS. The fray. Gavin DeGraw. Green Day. Guillemots. Gwen Stefani. Imogen Heap. INXS. Jamie Cullum. JAMIROQUAI. JASON MRAZ. JEFF BUCKLEY. JOHN MAYER. Kate Voegele. The Killers. KISS. La Rocca. LED ZEPPELIN. Lifehouse. MAROON 5. Nick drake. OASIS. Patrick Park. Pearl Jam. Pink Floyd. Police. RACHAEL YAMAGATA. Rolling Stones. QUEEN. Ryan Adams. Stereophonics. STROKES. Tristan Prettyman. Teddy Geiger. Thin Lizzy. U2. Van Halen. The WHO. WINGS.
However far Away
Dreams: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Visegrad, Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Prague, Budapest, Macao, New Delhi, New Zeland, Phillippines, Mexico, Egypt, Sudan.

Till then, I'm still here. SP-Brazil.
I will Always love

One Tree Hill. Supernatural. Friends. Grey's Anatomy. Dead Like Me. Everwood. Will & Grace. ER. House. Lost. The Office. Dawson's Creek. Scrubs. Gilmore Girls. Gossip Girl. Desperate Housewives. Ugly Betty. Pushing Daisies. 30 Rock. Sex & the City.

by musicahollic

"...It's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that move us along..."
"She Will Be Loved" - Maroon5


by cherry_scar

shake it, Levine, shake it ♥

♥♥ Will last Forever ♥♥

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